Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sea Monster from Hercules and the Princess of Troy

In Hercules and the Princess of Troy, Hercules must battle a sea monster to which young maidens of Troy are sacrificed at the orders of the gods.
The monster is fantastic for 1965 television.  The credits don't indicate who created it or performed it but it looks great on-screen.
It moves through the water and is very menacing on land.
What I love about practical creatures like this is how the actors can interact so believably with them.  Gordon Scott as Hercules is able to be lifted up in the claws of the monster and tossed about.  Sure, you can tell it's a giant puppet but at least it's actually there.  Monsters like this add a lot of the charm of these films.  I wish we knew who to credit for this one.

Mysteriously, the monster has tentacles in the opening teaser which seem to disappear later.


  1. I don't think those are tentacles. My guess was that those were the claws which, close up, have a tentacle-like texture.

  2. The artist is the well-known Carlo Rambaldi.