Saturday, July 1, 2017

Marg, the Princess Warrior

To celebrate Canada Day I wanted to highlight Marg Delahunty, the Princess Warrior.  Here in Canada we have a long-running political satire/sketch comedy show called This Hour Has 22 Minutes.  In the 90s, Mary Walsh originated this hilarious character who still makes the occasional appearance.

Only in Canada would a comedian have such unprecedented access and leeway. Marg Delahunty was frequently a visitor at Canadian parliament and she had interviews with two sitting prime ministers, Jean Chretien and Stephen Harper.

Her costume is clearly modelled after Lucy Lawless' Xena: Warrior Princess which I have covered here and here.

Marg has even been a force for political activism, campaigning actively against former Prime Minister Stephen Harper with the Marg Brings Change campaign.

Happy 150th birthday, Canada! and long live Marg, the Princess Warrior!