Saturday, July 1, 2017

Marg, the Princess Warrior

To celebrate Canada Day I wanted to highlight Marg Delahunty, the Princess Warrior.  Here in Canada we have a long-running political satire/sketch comedy show called This Hour Has 22 Minutes.  In the 90s, Mary Walsh originated this hilarious character who still makes the occasional appearance.

Only in Canada would a comedian have such unprecedented access and leeway. Marg Delahunty was frequently a visitor at Canadian parliament and she had interviews with two sitting prime ministers, Jean Chretien and Stephen Harper.

Her costume is clearly modelled after Lucy Lawless' Xena: Warrior Princess which I have covered here and here.

Marg has even been a force for political activism, campaigning actively against former Prime Minister Stephen Harper with the Marg Brings Change campaign.

Happy 150th birthday, Canada! and long live Marg, the Princess Warrior!


  1. GO CANADAAAA GO CANADAAA. This why you are considered one of the greatest nations in the world. God bless canada and happy 150th