Monday, September 13, 2010

Eye Candy: Nathan Jones in Troy

6'11", 360 lbs Nathan Jones was born in Australia in 1969.  He began competing as a "Strongman" in 1995 before moving into professional wrestling in the 2000s.  He starred in Troy as Boagrius.


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  2. I remember seeing him in Person at a WWE event back in 2003, when Jones was part of team Lesnar.

    Nathan Jones made Brock Lesnar look SMALL.

    I had front row seats, and when Jones walked past me I was shocked a human could be that big and in that kind of shape.

    I do bodybuilding myself, so I can appreciate the hard work a man has to put in to have such a physique.

    He looked like a 7ft bodybuilder, but didn't have much of a Tan when I saw him however. He looked better in TROY as he must have actually gotten a Tan before that was filmed.

    Nathan had the most impressive physique I have ever seen on a man that height. There have been some other tall bodybuilders, but nobody as impressive a Specimen as Nathan Jones was back in 2003.

    I could not tell what his calves looked like, as he had on typical knee high pro-wrestling boots, and I'm guessing he had that "tall guy calves" thing going on, but otherwise massive thighs. He looked like he could easily do some seriously heavy squats, which is VERY impressive on a guy who is 7ft tall. Obviously due to his powerlifting background.