Monday, July 16, 2012

Xena Costume Elements

shed11costumehouse is a reliable eBay seller from New Zealand.  Recently, they auctioned several costume elements that come from the private collection of Jane Holland who was the Xena: Warrior Princess costume designer for seasons 5-6 after Ngila Dickson left to work on The Lord of the Rings.  These pieces provide great insight into the construction of the costumes.

First, a hero copper breastplate that shows some heavy set-use.  This is an iconic piece but I was still surprised to see it sell for over $3000!  That just goes to show that Xenites are still passionate!

Second, elements of one of Xena's gauntlets:

And finally (and perhaps the coolest), here are pattern pieces for Xena's famous leather corset.  This is truly a great find.  This iconic costume is a major part of television history and to see the "blueprints" for it is fantastic!

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