Friday, July 1, 2011

Coming Soon: Conan The Barbarian (2011)

Marcus Nispel's new Conan the Barbarian film is being released on August 19, 2011. It stars Jason Momoa as the titular barbarian.  Over the next month or so I thought I'd write some posts about the original Conan films and maybe some about Red Sonja and Kull the Conqueror as well.  For now, here are some teaser images from the new film.
Momoa is certainly not as huge as Arnold Schwarzenegger was when he played the role but he's still incredibly well-muscled and he looks wild enough to me.
You can view the trailer and some beautiful images on the official website.
On August 2, the original Conan films are coming to blu-ray.  I'm not sure how good they'll look when you can see every little detail.  We'll have to see how much work Fox has done to restore them.  On July 26, the first season of Conan the Adventurer is coming to DVD for the first time.  Robert E. Howard fans are going to have quite a summer!


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