Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scythe From "The Way"

One of my favourite episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess is "The Way."  In that episode, the god Krishna transforms Xena into Kali so that she can defeat the evil Indrajit.  Ever since the series ended and the props and costumes were auctioned off, one of my "holy grails" has been a Kali Scythe.  I was recently able to purchase one from fellow Xena Prop House member, Tedra!
Like most of the bladed weapons created for the show, this one is made of closed cell foam around a metal rod and then coated with resin and painted.  This one has clearly seen some action!  There are some great little bites taken out of the blade; obviously made during Xena's epic battle with Indrajit.
I love the detail on this prop.  It makes a great addition to my collection.
Following its appearance in "The Way," a scythe like this was used by Alti in the fifth season episode "Them Bones, Them Bones."  In this case, it was mostly a computer-generated prop used by Alti's skeleton until it is knocked from her hand.

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